Personal computer games

The computer game> in WCIG requires technology capable of handling large amounts of data and of representing this data. The computer game symbolized how far the computer technology has been developed in the past decade. The computer game was originally developed on equipment designed for military and educational purposes. But today’s goals of the computer game are the driving force in the development of much hardware such as 3d graphics accelerators. The first computer games were very primitive in graphics and were very simply games to play. The computer game would help push computer designers to build better and faster computers since modern players requirements are really challenge for the hardware engineering.

The biggest difference with computer games are those played on personal computers were video games and video system can be played on a TV or console just built for the purpose of playing games>. With the personal computer bringing games to the home the designers now had to focus on make the games longer, harder and less focus on people putting money into a machine.

Designers wanted to get away from just one player games and tackle the chalked of a two player game. The multiplayer one became widely popular due to benefits when ‘Doom’ (ID Software 1993) allowed for connecting several PCs, for being several people present in the same game World competing with each other.

Right away ‘Doom’ is a game that no one had ever seen before. It has now been criticized for being violent, but it`s one of the most popular computer games ever and it has led to a ‘whole genre of games 3d-shooter or first-person-shoot`em`up’. Now computer games have become largely popular because there is a computer game for every gender, age, and use (including educational purpose which gains overwhelming popularity). Companies have brought back board games on the computer to the most advance shooter games. Bill Gates was a quoted saying the ‘computer game has changed the way people by their own PCs’.