Goals and Tasks

The goal behind WCG and International WCIG is simple: it aims to be the Olympics of e-sports. For the past 10 years WCG has held qualifiers for a myriad of games, including educational ones - across most countries via national qualification tournaments handled by smaller organizations.

Whereas competing is always a great aspect of the game, and WCG being on an epic international scale is quite impressive, the greatest benefits to WCIG is the merging of different communities and countries together for the purpose of the aforementioned competition. Not only do players from say the ‘war craft’ community get to meet and share with the ‘StarCraft’ community, but on a much subtler intercommunicative level. One can order tickets through Orbitz promotion code online and visit any country in the world.

The format of the WCG is that each country has a national qualifier where the top-placed players get sent to the group stage of WCG. There they participate in a tournament where the top 16 or 32 (depending on the WCG) qualify. Eventually the players have been reduced to just two who then face each other in the Final. There is also a match for the 3rd place.

Syfy, in partnership with World Cyber Games and Samsung, announced that WCG Ultimate Gamer will return for a second season of eight episodes. WCG Ultimate Gamer pits the top video game players against each other to test their skills in a range of video game and real-life challenges while seeing if they can survive living together as housemates. Only one gamer will emerge victorious to claim the title of Ultimate Gamer.

This season offers an exciting twist as everyone can help select the final cast member in an online contest. Fans can vote for their favourite contestant on the official website. Participants will be able to choose a 12th contestant from a list of three finalists, enabling fans of each gamer to rally support for their favourite prospective champion.

Produced by ITV Studios for Syfy, each of the one-hour TV episodes will focus on in- game and real-life challenges for the dozen of rivals for cash prize, an ultimate Samsung Electronics prize package, or the chance to become the face of the WCIG.

The challenges in WCIG Ultimate Gamer include dramatic video game battles using Samsung`s leading edge technology and real-life scenarios inspired by best-selling games. Over eight weeks, the next Ultimate Gamer will need to demonstrate top-notch personal skills and benefits while excelling under the pressure of head-to-head elimination rounds and successfully navigating the drama and twists of this unique reality TV show.