Competing Achievements

Video game  WCIG competitions are functioning like most major competitions – it’s their goals. The competitors face off against other competitors in a bid to challenge the reigning champions. Once the competitors are weeded out and only the best remain, these then face off against the champions. If the champions defend their title, they are rewarded with the prize money, as are the competitors if they win. There are variations in each tournament, such as champions being consider competitors and facing off against the teams until only one team remains. The prizes are not always monetary. They can sometimes be physical items such as graphics cards, consoles and other items of varying monetary values. They can be found online Children’s Place coupon and used as gifts. Cheating is a serious issue as with any major sport. Unlike other sports though, gaming makes cheating a lot easier as there are practically thousands of ways to manipulate a game into making it easier for the player. Some may utilize 3rd party programs, while others might exploit game glitches to provide themselves with additional advantages and benefits. Some educational principles are needed in this case. To combat such irregular methods of play, referees and judges are sometimes present to supervise players. Hardware has also come under flak, as it can provide players with the ability to do more than they are normally capable of. For example, some private and personal controllers may provide a macro button, which, when pressed, pressed a series or combination of buttons, preventing the need for the player to do so. This translates as the player performing tasks usually impossible.