‘Beyond the Game’ Challenge

During the first season, contestants faced large-scale real-life challenges that took them beyond the game. For example, in the episode featuring the game ‘Rock Band’, the goals of the gamers had to form a band, create a look, learn to play a song by The Donnas, and then perform it using real instruments in front of a live audience as the band judged their performance. Another challenge featured gamers showing off their slam dunk personal skills in front of basketball legends, including NBA Slam Dunk Champion Spud Webb, three-time NBA Finalist Darryl Dawkins, and four-time Olympic Gold Medallist Lisa Leslie. The twist – the entire competing took place over a swimming pool that’s the benefit. Altogether it made the WCIG a really the beyond the game community. For example, I used online Macys promo code and ordered beautiful frames for photos. For some of us, playing is a way of life and many others may often wonder at a life where playing games is actually productive. It would come as surprise for these individuals, then, to learn that there are, in fact, almost a dozen major video game leagues that have hundreds of attendees and competitors every year. Millions of dollars of prizes are given away annually to the winners, meaning it is not just a passing fancy, but a completely viable way of life, provided you are the best of the best. These leagues utilize some of the most educational games around, not all of them new, and people from all over the World compete, both in person and over the Internet. The participants can take part as either teams or individuals, depending on the league and game in question.