Benefits of the computer games

Recently, in this modern World that we live in, through the course of the improvement of technology, computer games became very popular among the youth. Whether we like it or not, WCIG greatly influences our society today. They become a part of people`s lives. Almost everyone has been exposed to some kind of computer game be it role playing, puzzle, action games played on a console, a personal computer, or a handheld device. Because of this sudden interest in computer games, concerns about its effects, may it be positive or negative, arise. Being in a modern World, we naturally question these things. Is it a safe practice to play these games? Will it bring any good? What are their goals? Although many people think that it is unhealthy to play computer games, there is an opinion that in moderation computer games can be beneficial in many ways such as in leisure and experience, educating and learning, as well as improving our cognitive, logical, and managerial skills.

First of all, video games can be considered as naturally alluring because of its aesthetic images and the realistic experiences that comes with it. Video games, especially in these modern times, have very detailed audio-visual effects, usually presenting a simulated Fantasy World that appears to be close to reality. Truly, computer games improved visually and became more realistic these past few years. These ‘Fantasy Worlds’ are commonly found in simulation games, which is very useful for learning and education because they allow players to experience things that might be impossible or too expensive, and challenge their skills in competing. Because of this, video games can be liberating by allowing people to do things they cannot normally do. These games are also usually integrated with stories, which, according to McLellan, ‘are one of the most fundamental and powerful synthetic experiences available to us’.